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This forum is for members or fans of Shinrai Chorus, which is a chorus for people who love to sing! We sing Vocaloid songs, Anime/Manga songs, and much more!
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Leo Buffalo
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PostSubject: MY BIRTHDAY'S IN 336 DAYS!! YAY! XD   Sun Sep 05, 2010 6:36 pm

Razz I just felt like posting something random in the Birthdays Section XDDD
sooooo..... when IS everyone's Birthday? :3 and how old is everyone? (i know that avio's 18, TDF (thedigitalfragrance) is 19, voicecovers is 16, and fear and ri are 13 like me. wait, isn't that everybody? o.o...... OH WELL! =3=

Posting is fun~ the forum has been basically dead for a while, so i wanted to try and break the........ forum? XDDD (my fail of a "break the ice" pun v.v)

Is Spica going well? :3 i hope so~ and Ri, i CAN animate, but im not that great >.< and i can TRY mixing! ^^ but just FYI i kinda get frustrated easily, so don't count on me submitting a GREAT animation >.> well........... oh fine! i think i'll try my luck at the Toeto animation contest (thing? XD)

sooooooooo...... i'm kinda confused, which are the UTAUloids and which are the Vocaloids (Random Q time! >D)? :3 and another thing, how many UTAUloids and Vocaloids are there combined and what are their names? :3

OH DANG! O.O *reads entire thing* this topic isn't.... really about birthdays anymore XDDD LOL it sounds like i'm having a conversation with myself! XDDD (which..... i kinda am.... :/) well, ANYWAYS...... alien
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Pisces Buffalo
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PostSubject: Re: MY BIRTHDAY'S IN 336 DAYS!! YAY! XD   Sun Sep 05, 2010 8:14 pm

Oh, ehe, my birthday is in 6 months, counting this month. 8D

And yes this forum has been dead for a while so I made a new layout and more stuff to post in in an effort to get more people posting. >.>

SPiCa is going pretty well; I'm happy with the result. :'D And the Toeto contest is a mixing contest, not an animating one. xDD

As for Vocaloids, they are--

Hatsune Miku (Japanese)
Megurine Luka (Japanese/English)
Gumi (Japanese)
Kagamine Rin (Japanese)
Kagamine Len (Japanese)
Kamui Gakupo (Japanese)
Kaito (Japanese)
Meiko (Japanese)
Leon (English)
Lola (English)
Sweet Ann (English)
Big Al (English)
Prima (English)
Miriam (English)
Tonio (English)
Sonika (English)
Hiyame(?) Kiyoteru (Japanese)
Yuki Kaai (Japanese)
SF-A2 Miki (Japanese)
Lily (Japanese)

And I'm probably missing some but those are the ones I can list at the top of my head. @.@

As for UTAUs, there are THOUSANDS of them, so I can't give you an entire list. Heck, I even have two UTAUs of my own. >.> But these are the most popular ones--

Kasane Teto
Yokune Ruko
Momone Momo

Those are the ones not created by me that I can actually remember. :'D

Now for explanations!

VOCALOID/VOCALOID2 is a program that allows 'computers' to sing, as I'm sure you know. The official Vocaloids are stated above.

UTAU is a program that's like VOCALOID/VOCALOID2, except it's completely free and you can use your own voice to even create your own UTAU. However, the UTAUs sound much more robotic than VOCALOIDs, but this can sometimes work to your advantage.

I'd say that UTAU is easier to use than VOCALOID2(I haven't tried VOCALOID, so I don't know if it's the same or not), but this opinion will differ among different people. But I think that's pretty much because I used UTAU before using VOCALOID2(It took me a while to figure out exactly /how/ I could make Lily sing...xDD;; )
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Cancer Monkey
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PostSubject: Re: MY BIRTHDAY'S IN 336 DAYS!! YAY! XD   Mon Sep 06, 2010 8:30 pm

oh, um~. my birthday's July 2nd. C: derp.

ffff. other popular UTAU'S would be like. Namine Ritsu <3 (such a cutie mii~)

and then there are fanmade vocaloids. like Yowane Haku <3 (one of my very favorites. derp) though haku's pretty legit since she has her own voicebank now, i'm pretty sure, and someone even gave her her own song in the Evil Series whichiwilllearn.
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Scorpio Horse
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PostSubject: Re: MY BIRTHDAY'S IN 336 DAYS!! YAY! XD   Thu Sep 09, 2010 12:23 am

Sniff* I'll be 20 on november 2nd Crying or Very sad
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PostSubject: Re: MY BIRTHDAY'S IN 336 DAYS!! YAY! XD   

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