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This forum is for members or fans of Shinrai Chorus, which is a chorus for people who love to sing! We sing Vocaloid songs, Anime/Manga songs, and much more!
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 Fear Fandub(Cover)- Demolition Lovers

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PostSubject: Fear Fandub(Cover)- Demolition Lovers   Tue Sep 14, 2010 9:52 pm

OhGod. Those LOW NOTES. /facedesk
And then I cut out the guitar solos to minimize awkward, boring-ness.('Cause I had no instrumentals D< Google still hates me.)

But, yeah. Yanno what? I should have like, screamed the ending, and then thrown the mic. EEEEXTRAH DRAMASSS. Just a stupid thought.

But...Uh, yeah. So, icanhasfeedbackplox?
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Fear Fandub(Cover)- Demolition Lovers
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